Clicker brings its TV Guide to the iPhone

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ClickerWe reported before on the activities of, being the first programming guide to Internet Television and Foursquare-esque Social TV.

This week Clicker has released its first iPhone app.
ReadWriteWeb explains what the iPhone app does:

The new app is a companion piece to Clicker's web service and aims to make it easier for users to quickly find iPhone-compatible videos on the Web. In addition to indexing these iPhone-friendly videos, Clicker's iPhone app also offers a number of social networking features, including the ability to  check in when you are watching a show.

Clicker's CEO Jim Lanzone told ReadWriteWeb:
[...]that about 26% of all the shows and 35% of all the episodes in Clicker's index are currently iPhone compatible (counting both shows on iTunes and free content). In total, Clicker currently indexes about 14,000 iPhone-compatible shows and 270,000 episodes.

Clicker provides also an Augmented TV experience by serving users background information on shows and social features like check-ins and activity streams of their friends.

Furthermore, Mashable reports that Clicker claims to support soon Hulu Plus and Netflix on the iPhone:

Clicker also claims that it will soon support both Hulu Plus and Netflix on the iPhone, although you’ll need the Hulu Plus and Netflix apps to actually watch those videos, a Clicker rep told us.

The Netflix app isn’t even available in the app store yet, but Clicker plans to add Hulu Plus to the iPhone-specific index “sometime later this quarter,” though that last bit depends on Hulu Plus graduating from its testing phase.



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