The Future of TV: The evolving broadcast and on demand landscape

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Business InsightsBusiness Insights has released the report "The Future of TV: The evolving broadcast and on demand landscape".

The content of the report focuses on:

The analog switch off is planned for the next decade around the world, and the global TV market is going through a period of huge change. Digital TV in all of its forms – terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV – is booming.

HDTV is becoming prevalent in mature markets, and technologies such as 3DTV and mobile TV are also set to take off. Consumer behavior and attitudes are shifting, with viewers increasingly expecting to access content wherever and whenever they want, on the device of their choosing.

As such, Video on Demand (VoD) services are becoming ever more popular. All of these developments have encouraged new players to emerge in the TV space, meaning that business models are changing and incumbent operators must adapt to survive.

Yesterday we reported on the decline of cable and a potential deal with Yahoo - Hulu which can fill this space up.


This report assesses the future of TV in all its forms, encompassing content, technology, consumer appliances and devices, mobile devices, evolving media and broadcast business models, the role of connectivity and mobility, and consumer behavior and lifestyle trends.

It provides an analysis of the evolution of the broadcasting landscape, and outlines some of the emerging technology and demand trends, highlighting the market drivers and inhibitors that are affecting expansion and demand.

The report focuses on the different broadcasting technologies, starting from the distinction between analog and digital, to then develop further in the different media channels and technologies of HD, 3DTV, IPTV, VoD and Mobile TV.

The report tracks the evolution of each market, providing in-depth analysis of the whole market and its sub-markets, and includes market sizing and forecasts.

The key findings of this report are:

Digital TV over satellite and terrestrial broadcasts is booming, and integrated digital TVs are starting to become cost effective and are built in volume. The digital TV market has continued to be driven by picture quality, realism and connectivity in the home.

HD content creation is gaining ground worldwide. Regional markets such as Asia, Europe and North America have embraced HD and are actively driving its adoption and promoting the benefits. The TV industry is currently beginning a slow migration from analog to digital and to HDTV. Introduction of 3DTV will begin after migration to digital/HDTV, which will put large scale 3DTV deployment at least 5 years away. 3DTV compatibility standards, however, have not been set yet.

The online and broadcast markets are converging, with video services making the move to the PC environment and web-based services becoming a core feature of the TV viewing experience. Online video is no longer synonymous of low quality content. Broadcasters and film studios are increasingly distributing their content via internet services.

Mobile TV is a reality today and moving towards the mass market.
Asia Pacific is the mobile video dominant area, with the highest volume of mobile video phone sales. One primary driver for mobile video adoption is access to live sporting events, particularly soccer, cricket, and motor sports.

There is a fragmentation of standards for digital mobile TV broadcasting that is the way of the future.

The rise of Mobile TV is pointed out in our article on Dish Network, where Mobile TV gradually can evolve from a niche to a free add-on for subscribers.
If this scenario is becoming reality, it will grow in potential by piggybacking on the adoption of primary subscriptions.

More information on the report and Business Insights can be found here.


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