IN Media's Set Top Box integrates with Android

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IN MediaPRNewsWire reports that IN Media today announced the Set Top Box integration with Google's Android platform.


IN Media's !ROFL IP Set Top Box is now integrated with Google's Android platform providing consumers the ability to download games and applications from Google's Android Market application store. Customers will experience seamless integration with their Android based mobile phones, Tablet PC's running Android and all Android enabled devices within IN Media's Set top Box !ROFL.

Dr. Nick Karnik, IN Media CEO, says:

"With !ROFL, we have taken the applications to big screen TVs, not only providing a 1080P High Definition content viewing experience, while enjoying the full range of Android supported applications.In today's world of convergence, having a seamless experience on multiple devices using a standard platform of delivery, new cloud computing technology takes users to an era of on demand content.

Personal content storage streaming to multiple devices allows users to store content on the network hosted by players such as Amazon eliminating the need to burn DVDs to a hard disk to create a content library. !ROFL takes advantage of Cloud Computing solutions."

Features of !ROFL: IN Media ROFL

* Watch High Definition (1080P) content straight from the Internet at no extra bandwidth cost
* Supports external Hard Disk drive, SD HC or USB drive to play stored content, just like a Juke Box
* Supports Live content from IN Media’s TV Channel partners and Web sites streaming Live TV from all over the world
* Connect USB HD Camera for Video Talk
* Make calls using Voice Over IP Telephony, Skype, and other VoIP solutions available on the Internet
* Listen to Music on Demand, Live Radio stations streamed from all around the world
* Do Web surfing via Internet Browser
* Get Email services from your own servers as well as from Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.
* Read and write documents using Google Apps such as Word, Spreadsheet, Power Point
* Read eBooks
* Store and Play Photos, Slide shows
* Watch Video on Demand content from web sites like Netflix, Blockbuster, etc.

About IN Media Corp.
IN Media Corp. is an integrator of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services and content for major platform and service providers (e.g. cable, satellite, and Internet providers). IN Media provides a combination of products and services: set-top box hardware and software services, manufacturing of the set-top boxes, library of content, and content aggregation for platform providers to implement an all-in-one solution for IPTV services.


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