Netflix launches free iPhone and iPod app

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NetflixReuters reports that today Netflix has launched on Thursday a free iPhone and iPod application that allows Netflix subscribers to watch TV shows and movies on Apple's handheld devices.

The Netflix application is available on iTunes for subscribers to plans starting at $8.99.
Users then will be able to access more than 10,000 Watch Instantly titles.

On PCWorld the app is being reviewed, the overall opinion is that it looks good.

Some of the comments are:

* If you receive a call while watching a movie, the Netflix app automatically pauses so you can decide whether to accept or reject the call. Once you disconnect the call, you're taken right back to the Netflix app, where you can resume your movie.

* Incoming texts will pause the movie, but display right on top of it, so you can read the message and resume your movie as soon as you're done.

* The Netflix for iPhone app is not perfect, however. While you can add titles to your Instant Queue, you can only add them to the very bottom or top of the list -- there's no option for re-ordering the list here.

* The Netflix iPhone app is entirely centered around Netflix's Watch Instantly feature, and has no options for adding movies to or re-ordering your DVD queue.

Have a look at Business Insider to have a quick tour of the Netflix app.


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