Google TV, Hulu, Apple TV & other innovators at stake within Online Video Market?

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ComCastThat could be questioned.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Justice Department is focusing in on how Comcast's bid to purchase control of NBC Universal television and movie unit could affect the emerging Internet video market. This is said by people familiar with with the matter.

WSJ writes:

During its eight-month review of the roughly $13.75 billion deal, the agency's antitrust division has become interested in finding out whether Comcast and other cable and satellite giants are trying to lock up distribution rights to television programming on the Internet, which would block potential competition, according to people familiar with the matter.

According to another person known with the matter, the concern is:
"Will Comcast's incumbent systems give them an incentive to slow down online distribution?"

Competitors are saying:

"[T]his transaction would give Comcast the tools to exploit an 'online loophole' under which Comcast could migrate NBCU programming to the Internet or to mobile or on-demand platforms, where Comcast could then deny it to competitors or restrict access for consumers."


"[O]nline video, an innovative, disruptive new distribution platform—which includes NBCU and its online properties, including its ownership interest in online video service Hulu—is being neutralized and rendered less of a threat to its incumbent acquirer, Comcast."

Most probably, the deal won't be killed, but it will put focus on the Justice Department giving attention on Internet video distribution.
The television industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in decades, such deals and processes only confirm the huge interests at stake, market blurring, substitional/additional product development etc.



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