FetchTV being road tested by customers

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InternodeInternode will offer access to FetchTV IPTV service to a select group of keen Internode customers, reports ITWire.

Two versions of the FetchTV service will become available:
* Internode's early adopter programme.
It will be at the normal 'rental' price for the service, $99 setup and $29.95 per month, including supply of the STB.

* 'Lite' version of the FetchTV service.
It will offer a subset of the programming at a lower cost and wider geographic availability. The light version will become available about a month after launch of the early adopter programme.

Internode customers can show interest in the early adoption program by registering here.

Simon Hackett, Internode managing director, said:

"The FetchTV early access trial will let keen customers help Internode to 'road test' the service and our support for it, ahead of the doors being opened to all eligible Internode customers later in the year.

We've had a lot of interest since we announced our intention to work with FetchTV earlier this year, so we expect this early adopter program to attract strong participation from our customers."

About FetchTV

FetchTV is a new entrant to the Australian subscription TV scene.

FetchTV works in partnership with leading internet service providers (ISP’s) to introduce an entirely new breed of entertainment experience featuring the best of TV, video on demand (VOD), and interactive applications.

FetchTV which is backed by Malaysian billionaire T. Ananda Krishnan, aims to bring together a coalition of smaller ISPs which would on-sell video content delivered by an internet-connected TV set-top box to their broadband customers, as written by The Australian.

Click here to see what you get with FetchTV.


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