Sky Deutschland: should be able to break-even with new funds

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Sky Deutschland Bloomberg reports that Sky Deutschland is able to reach break-even with the new capital it plans to raise, said by CEO Brian Sullivan.

The pay- television operator 45.4 percent-owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

Sky Deutschland said in August that it will raise at least 340 million euros ($438 million) by selling new shares. With the cash it will expand in high-definition television and invest in innovations and product extensions.

Bloomberg writes that Sullivan:

Plans to turn around the company with the help of three main strategies:
* Delivering high-quality content;
* Ensuring customers can get the content on any device they like, such as mobile devices and
* Through any platform, whether that is satellite, cable, broadband and mobile.

Sullivan elaborate on the strategy:

“Right now we force customers to either take our content in a linear fashion via satellite or cable when the reality is that we are sitting on the rights for all of this fantastic sports, movies and general entertainment content, not just on cable and satellite, but also on mobile, on broadband and even on Internet TV."

To complexify the matter concerning the rights:

Sky Deutschland own rights to show German Bundesliga soccer matches, though not via Internet protocol TV and on mobile, where Deutsche Telekom AG has the rights.


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