Google TV coming to the US this fall. Worldwide in 2011

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Google TVReuters and other sources report that Google TV will be debuting in the US this autumn and will go global in 2011.

An addition to the release of Google TV is the launch of the Android market for TV apps, which will be available at the beginning of 2011 on Google TV.


CEO Eric Schmidt said the service, which will allow full Internet browsing via the television, would be free, and Google would work with a variety of program makers and electronics manufacturers to bring it to consumers.

With regard to the latter, earlier announces this week were made by Sony and Samsung about the (potential) use of Google TV on their sets. When it comes to sneak peaks of the system, Google TV was demonstrated on a Sony TV and Google TV via Logitech Revue was demonstrated by a beta tester.

Sony TV on IFA

Logitech Revue

The Google TV news comes only a week after Apple's event last September first.  The industry is going towards the long awaited clash between Google and Apple which will burst upcoming Autumn.

The further development of Google TV and Apple TV will affect other players as well, which gives the industry as a whole a better understanding in optimized needs and solutions wanted by users.


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