Industry effort to profile multi-screen TV delivery

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Alcatel Lucent, KPN, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Sofia Digital are working together in a new venture called bmcoforum to allow seamless consumption of TV and video either from mobile device, TV or computer. Member companies are identifying necessary standard enablers and profiling them for common industry recommendation.

The bmcoforum is an international non-profit organisation designed to foster the mass market for mobile media consumption. Therefore bmcoforum optimizes the technology mix and business models and brings together players from all parts of the media delivery value chain.

In 2010, the bmcoforum focuses on business models for traffic off-loading from mobile networks to broadcast and fixed (including WiFi) delivery networks as well as on mobile-fixed integration scenarios for media delivery (MobiFix).

Industry studies have shown that consumers want to watch TV and videos on any screen, anytime, anywhere not tied to a device brand or a service provider and therefore common standard enablers between service and equipment providers is increasingly important to ensure the consumer gets the best experience possible.

For those attending the IBC in Amsterdam starting this week, the showcases in the International Broadcast Conference are:

  • Consume live, on-demand and stored content directly on Connected TV’s, PC´s or mobile devices.
  • Search, select and control consumption with the  mobile device:
  • Browse Electronic Program Guide (EPG) on mobile and switch channels on TV
  • Consume video on demand content, set and view recordings with Network Personal Video Recorder (NPVR).
  • Push in content to device storage as a background download to improve mobile user experience.

The bmcoforum strives to solve technical issues in the media delivery chain independent of business models in close relation with standards bodies and other industry fora.

“We see that entertainment consumption is in heavy disruption today. Consumers expect more and want TV on many devices, also in time-shift mode, and with interactivity. Alcatel-Lucent supports bmcoforum in showcasing those innovative multiscreen services”, said Herbert Mittermayr, Principal, Alcatel-Lucent Multimedia Business Consulting.

“KPN has the ambition to offer TV and video across multiple screens in the near future. Simplifying KPN’s IPTV delivery is part of this project. Together with other partners from the industry we aim to deliver a simple and common IPTV delivery profile”, said Franklin Selgert, Senior Innovation Manager, KPN.

“Increasingly people want to access TV and Video content without limitation to time or place.  Nokia is working with the bmcoforum to enable easy access to TV and Video content from the mobile device. Common industry approach is needed to enable this choice between multiple screens”, said Mika Suomela, Director, Connected Entertainment Program Management, Nokia.

”Consumers are looking for simplicity in media consumption on various devices. We believe that this showcase at IBC demonstrate the seamless consumption of TV. It also confirms the commitment of bmcoforum to drive this activity”, said Stefan Schneiders, Head of Mobile TV solution, Nokia Siemens Networks.   

"Industry collaboration is necessary to establish open standards that enable consumers to receive more and better quality TV services. Sofia Digital is pleased to work with leading partners in the mobile industry to promote mobile-TV services for next generation devices", said Sofia Digital CEO Mr. Ari Pöyhtäri.



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