Rovi Launches Advertising Service, a Cloud-Based Platform for Connected Devices

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The new Rovi Advertising Service that was announced today - will enable developers, CE manufacturers, and television service providers to monetize their connected entertainment offerings and create recurring revenue streams by opening up their products - from TVs and set-top boxes to media players, and game consoles - to marketers as a display for the placement of ads.

"The number of Internet connected devices in the home is growing faster than expected. For companies delivering connected entertainment offerings, advertising can provide a compelling revenue stream," said Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of product management and marketing for Rovi. "For advertisers, Rovi enables access to a wide variety of living room display advertising options, which allow them to reach highly targeted and measureable market segments."

Analysts predict that Internet connected living room devices are expected to reach 540M users worldwide by 2014 and with the rapid convergence of the Internet and television, digital media advertising in the living room will become one of the fastest growing segments of the ad market. By working with Rovi to integrate living room display advertising into their products through the Advertising Service, CE manufacturers, service providers and developers will be able to join the Rovi Advertising Network, one of the largest multi-platform ad networks on the market today.

Optimized for large living room screens, Rovi Advertising Service is focused on building ads that work well in a 10-foot entertainment experience. The service is a comprehensive solution that includes back-end services, such as campaign management and measurement, sales and account management, and creative services. It enables CE manufacturers, television service providers and developers to add revenue, without concern for the operational costs and processes associated with adding advertising capabilities. The Rovi Advertising Service extends Rovi Advertising Network by adding new devices and screens that are available to marketers for advertising.

Rovi Advertising Network reaches millions of households in North America, and provides marketers with a number of different interactive advertising options including interactive portals with TV quality video playback; banner ads; lead generation and product purchase capabilities; social networking capabilities; and more. These advertising capabilities are built into the user interface and optimized for a high quality living room display experience.

According to

 Rovi's ad service includes back-end services, such as campaign management and measurement, sales and account management, and creative services. The company's advertising clients include Showtime Networks, Disney, Travel Channel, Fox, A&E, American Express, Anheuser-Busch, Ford and Hellmann's.



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