Bluestreak Technology Launches Flash and HTML5 Application Platform for TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones, and other consumer electronic devices

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Bluestreak Technology Inc., a proven leader in delivering software presentation solutions on embedded devices, today announced from IBC 2010 the launch of MachBlue XT, the first integrated Flash® and HTML5 application platform which offers a flexible solution to the current Flash versus HTML5 technology battle that is forcing network operators to maintain multiple application platforms to achieve true cross-platform support. MachBlue XT unites the top presentation technologies, including Flash and HTML5, into a single open platform for delivering rich media experiences uniquely optimized to run across TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones, and other consumer electronic devices. 

“Bluestreak Technology is in a unique position to solve the Flash vs. HTML5 technology battle that is further fragmenting an already complicated market. As a major provider of Adobe® Flash-enabled solutions for embedded devices worldwide, Bluestreak Technology remains a strong proponent of Flash-enabled application development. However, we also recognize the emergence of HTML5 as a primary technology for the future,” stated Dominique Jodoin, Bluestreak Technology CEO and President. “The technology battles between companies, like Apple and Adobe, are forcing operators and their partners to launch and maintain a multitude of different technology solutions to reach the mass market. MachBlue XT negates this complexity by offering a single integrated platform for all their application needs, hereby halving the related costs of activities such as porting and testing.”

Bluestreak Technology enables operators to give consumers the rich media experiences they crave on any device, anywhere. The company’s new MachBlue™ XT builds upon Bluestreak Technology’s MachBlue™ CLASSIC, the company’s flagship open-Flash® platform trusted by the biggest brands in the market, including Bouygues Telecom, DivX, Irdeto, Mitsubishi, NDS, Orange, Qualcomm and Time Warner Cable. The proven solution delivers rich media experiences via commercial deployments worldwide, rendered on more than 20 million embedded devices such as:

  • TVs and Set-Top Boxes – On major middleware and hardware platforms
  • Consumer Electronics – With leading brands of televisions and Blu-Ray players
  • Mobile Phones – On all major closed and open operating systems

MachBlue XT offers the best presentation technologies available. The platform unites today’s most popular presentation technologies, including Flash, HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3, into a single platform for designing and delivering rich media experiences uniquely optimized for each device. MachBlue™ XT was developed from the ground up to deliver rich media applications tailored for TV, consumer electronics and mobile devices, ensuring operators deliver the best experiences to each user.

MachBlue XT simplifies development and speeds deployment of rich media applications, while addressing common multiple-screen and cross-platform challenges. The platform includes both a custom Flash® player as well as an HTML application engine, specifically optimized for embedded devices. Additionally, open libraries and interfaces speed development of applications and widgets, based on industry standards. MachBlue XT’s key benefits include:

  • One open platform for all application development needs (Flash, HTML, Javascript, and CSS3)
  • Superior graphics and animation capabilities: SVG, CSS, 3D
  • Reduced porting time and scalability, through a dynamic porting runtime environment
  • Exceptional performance on embedded devices with an optimized video and graphic framework and small Webkit implementation footprint
  • Unmatched customization options thanks to dynamically replaceable interface modules
  • Easy-to-use development and testing tools that speed time to market for new applications

“The absence of Flash support with the recent iPad and iPhone launches raised a clear need for companies to support HTML5 development. However, while HTML5 is growing as an accepted solution for rich media delivery, Flash provides many features absent in HTML5 today and simply remains more accepted and powerful,” commented Chetan Sharma, president and founder of Chetan Sharma Consulting. “Bluestreak Technology is making a smart move by delivering a platform that lets developers and operators support both Flash and HTML5 presentation technologies. One size does not fit all – especially with embedded devices.”



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