Hyperlocal TV PasadenaNow.com to go Live: stream original local programming

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PasadenaNow.comCommunity website "Pasadena Now" announced today it plans to launch a hyperlocal internet "TV station" streaming original local programming on October 17 to coincide with the likely launch date of Google TV.

The channel (Pasadena Now TV, or PNTV) will offer 16 hours of local-content programming per day and seven days per week.
Formats focus on community news, live events coverage and lifestyle programs.

James MacPherson, publisher at PasadenaNow elaborates on the project:

"Our shows will be fresh, fun and watchable.
No-hype advice from community 'celebrities,' user generated content, live performances and community news will be our mainstays, all produced with a  distinctly cable network feel.

Everybody realizes the hyperlocal market drives media strategy today.
By capitalizing on video and the web-to-TV convergence that's exploding right now, we will offer local viewers and advertisers something that's completely new and exciting."

Pasadena Now has developed a proprietary video production system that is capable of producing network-TV-like quality for a fraction of industry costs.
The costs are elaborated as following:

"We'll be able to offer our advertisers up to 4 minutes of paid programming as segments on our 'advertainment' shows for under $200, fully scripted, taped, edited and distributed.

Viewers will be able to watch our shows as scheduled entertainment, as video on demand, or by creating their own personal playlists by topic."

Growth strategy of PasadenaNow consists of using the system to launch other stations across the United States.


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