Intel bets on "WiDi": wireless streaming PC-to-TV

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IntelWired reports that Intel is betting on its "WiDi" technology to compete in the arena of streaming media wirelessly from the PC to the TV.

"WiDi" stands for Wireless Display, and removes the hassle of HDMI cables between the PC and TV device.

Randy Stude, gaming strategy for Intel:

“This display technology extends the laptop screen to the TV.
You don’t need cables or to buy a single-purpose gadget to make the connection.

It’s more flexible than a Boxee box or Apple TV. You are not limited to just a few types of content and put in a walled garden.”


Last week Veebeam entered the market with their PC-to-TV video streamer.
The market for PC-to-TV devices is getting more and more crowded, Intel is the latest in a row of companies like Apple, Roku, Boxee and Veebeam offering solutions.

Intel does have an advantage, namely bundling the software and chips into the laptop, creating a distribution channel that not many others have. Though one barrier needs to be overcome: cut price and integrate the $100 Netgear adapter into the laptop.

How it works:

Intel WiDi
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The bad news for now is that the wireless streaming is currently to limited to 720p resolution and will not be able to stream Blu-ray movies.
Stude said Intel is planning to support HD video in the future.

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