Google hires Netflix executive to acquire Content Partnerships for Youtube & Google TV

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GoogleThe Los Angeles Times reports that Google has hired NetflRobert Kynclix's Robert Kyncl, former vice president for content acquisition at Netflix Inc., focused on making deals with movie studios and TV networks to make YouTube an online destination for Hollywood content.

In addition to Kyncl, Dean Gilbert, VP of product management for Google TV, has been named global head of content.
Gilbert replaces the position when David Eun left YouTube in February to join AOL. Both Gilbert and Kyncl will work at YouTube.

LA Times elaborates on the assemblement:

The dual appointments signal a more concerted push by the Silicon Valley technology giant into the world of entertainment. Although Google dominates computer Web searches with a 70% market share, it sees video and display advertising as the next frontier for growth.

Doing so, however, means building closer relationships with studios and networks that hold the keys to the type of premium content that attract bigger ad dollars and paying viewers. It also means integrating its technologies more directly into TV sets.

As one of the main architects of Google TV, Gilbert is expected to help coordinate Google's efforts with YouTube as well as negotiate with movie studios and emerging media companies to acquire movies and other professional content for YouTube.

WebProNews writes that this job is well-suited for Kyncl:

Still, this role should be a natural fit for Kyncl, since at Netflix, he was the vice president of digital content. 
Plus, before Netflix, Kyncl worked at a site that deals in ad-supported content for kids (called Alfy) as a director of business development.

Kyncl used to work at HBO, Mutual Film Company, and Tavel Entertainment, too, so he should have lots of industry contacts.

It will be interesting to see if these new executives at YouTube will be able to make the right deals, someone with the right network, knowledge and expertise will have to talk to Hollywood and big media companies.


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