Web-to-TV Hybrid Set Top Boxes in Six Regions - This Market Is Expected To Grow At 40% CAGR Through 2014

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Web-to-TV Hybrid Set Top Boxes in Six Regions" report to their inventory of reports and industry analysis. Detailing the first ever forecast for Hybrid STBs "in use" by region - and shows that hybrid services launching in Western Europe in 2011, will spread worldwide:

Online video is available everywhere, and Hybrid Set Top Boxes will bring new services to TV sets. Work is being done to create Hybrid services that bring "apps" and "widgets" to TV programming, along with advanced advertising. Project Canvas, Hybrid Broadcast Broadband services, Sezmi TV, and Metrological (Yuixx) will be available soon. In-Stat's extensive set top box database has been mined to provide an early warning system for the number of Hybrid STBs "in use" in four categories and in six regions. This market is expected to grow at 40% CAGR through 2014, and create a US$ 1.3 billion sub-segment of the set top box industry.

I wonder how much this study takes into effect the Connected TV market as they will also bring in hybrid services, without the need for another box on the TV? Other than that, I am happy for my friends at Metrological and Yuixx- this is good news for them. And what about hybrid services that have already launched in the USA (Boxee and Roku) years ago... being early in the space. Or for that matter Verizon FIOS?


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