Vision IPTV to launch end-to end internet and social media TV Platform at MIPCOM

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Vision IPTV’s fully featured internet TV platform will be launched at MIPCOM 2010 (4th to 8th October 2010, Cannes, France) and the company claims their revolutionary platform provides the most comprehensive service available to deliver broadcast quality television channels over internet pipes.

The companies' platform enables broadcasters to create fully interactive television channels online where viewers can view programmes ahead of schedule as well as catch up on previous programmes, skipping items, but still being guided by a scheduled TV channel.

Broadcasters can customise the programme schedule to enable personalised programming and advertising.

It also allows them to deliver this to all the viewing devices and platforms of the connected age – PC’s mobiles,set top boxes, connected TV’s and right into social network platforms like Facebook and MySpace.

John Mills CEO of Vision IPTV said:

“Our platform transforms how companies broadcast, maximising all the benefits of internet television, not simply copying satellite or cable functionality.”

Mills continued,

“This high level of flexibility in Vision IPTV’s platform enables broadcasters to increase commercial performance, either through increased ad views or multiple pay per view, subscription or a combination of all three.”

The platform has already proved successful. QUOD.TV (Gay and Lesbian) and Polska Plus (Polish expat) online TV networks have attracted significant audiences who are regularly paying for content.

Colin Fallesen, CEO of QUOD.TV said,

“Vision IPTV has enables us to create a popular TV channel with regular customers who are happy to pay for streamed online films and TV.”

Internet TV enables broadcasters to create channels for niche markets and audiences that may not be well serviced by traditional television channels around the world. Vision IPTV plans to launch a range of channels in the autumn using the Vision IPTV platform, including VXTV, a suite of 30 TV channels for Sri Lankans living abroad.

Mills commented

“The internet is a global television platform that can allow content which hasn’t got commercial potential in one area to become lucrative when viewed elsewhere.”

In addition to the broad range of features and flexibility of the platform, Vision IPTV’s heritage in broadcast playout provides professional broadcast standards and 24/7 technical support.


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