Multiscreen TV Delivery to Propel Worldwide Sales of Multiformat Transcoders to Approach $300 Million in 2014

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InStat reports tInStathat "Top-tier TV service providers across geographic regions are expected to purchase multiformat transcoding equipment for their multiscreen delivery services".

The market for multiformat transcoders will continue to grow as the move to upload video content on the Internet continues to gain momentum.
Multiscreen TV delivery services (TV Everywhere) are in their infancy.

The transcoder technology is vital to Internet and mobile video distribution, contributing to the market that will grow to nearly $300 million by 2014.
Due to this market growth, InStat believes it is likely to drive acquisitions among the competitive vendors.  

Michelle Abraham, Principal Analyst at InStat, says:

“The transcoder market is mostly comprised of small vendors that were formed to serve a particular segment.
In-Stat expects that some small vendors will be acquired by larger companies in the next few years in order to round out a company’s product portfolio.”
Recent research by In-Stat found the following:
  • While North America will be the largest region for live transcoders in the future, EMEA and Asia will experience growth as well.
  • Worldwide revenues from enterprise-class multiformat transcoders will grow to US$297 million in 2014.
  • Multiformat transcoders must adapt the content to accommodate multiple different codecs, network bandwidth characteristics, and device screen sizes and resolutions. 
Find a sample of the report "Worldwide Market for Enterprise-Class Multiformat Transcoders" here.


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