Dell considering the development of Internet TV devices

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DellSources report that Dell is considering the development of devices beyond PCs that would stream Internet content to regular television sets.

As reported by Slashgear:

[..]it would be intended to bridge the gap between internet-based content – presumably such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand – and users’ big-screen TVs, with Dell hoping it helps bring their product line out of the office and into the living room.

Dell is evaluating new devices from set-top box makers and Original Design Manufacturers that can bring seamlessly Internet content to TVs.
They are also considering the Google TV platform, which merges broadcast TV and Internet into one interface.

Chris Camilletti, desktop product manager at Dell said that it has not yet officially announced any product or device, and is still investigating the marketing opportunities.

WorldTVPC reports that on Thursday Dell announced the Inspiron Zino HD desktop, saying it as an entertainment hub that can bring Internet movies to high definition TVs.

Specs of the Zino HD:
The device has VGA and HDMI ports, which allows a TV to become a monitor.
Users can stream movies from the Internet to their high-definition TVs.
The device is capable of storing up to 1TB of data, and an optional Blu-ray drive plays HD movies.

Depending on the price, the Zino HD is powered either by Advanced Micro Devices’ Athlon II or quad-core Phenom II processors.

The Zino HD is the entry point to make consumers aware of the capability to play streaming movies on TV sets.

The device comes with a wireless keyboard and remote control to conveniently switch between the PC and TV.



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