The Apps Scorecard Report - Including Connected TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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A comprehensive survey of the global "apps" market whose stores will soon have one billion users and that will soon be generating $15 billion has recently been released by

The report says it explored the world of apps (and widgets) that are aimed at users of smartphones, tablets, netbooks and Internet-connected TV sets.

Apple made the word "app" (short for application not Apple) a part of the smart phone lexicon when it introduced them for its iPhone, but it's been used widely on the web previously. Yahoo had previously borrowed the word 'widgets' from the web and tossed it into the TV world with its embedded software that links Internet-capable TV sets and Blu-ray players from the likes of Sony, LG, Samsung and Toshiba to selected online services. It seems tthe industry is quickly standardizing on “apps.”

“The Apps Scorecard Report” examines why the company to watch is Google, which, unlike Apple, has committed to using its Android OS on TVs as well as on smartphones and tablets. Google has said most Android apps that run on smartphones and tablets will also run on Google TV.

Apple offers far and away the most apps; 266,000 at the last count - and has been the most successful. So far! But Android's “write once/run on any device” means that every Android device, whether a TV set, PC, tablet or smartphone, will become another opportunity to make a sale. Nokia, Intel and others are fighting for a share of the apps market.

"The Apps Scorecard Report" gives you:

1) Information on how the apps market fits in with 11 key mobile operating systems - Android, Apple iOS, Bada (Samsung), Blackberry OS, LiMo, Maemo (Nokia), MeeGo (Nokia, Intel), Moblin (Intel), Symbian, WebOS and Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 7.

2) A snap-shot of recent apps store trends and developments.

3) A wealth of recent data and revenue figures from third parties including best selling apps, tablet and smartphone shipments, free versus paid apps in store, mobile content revenue and the like.

4) Trends fuelling the rise of apps usage: - Mobile TV - Controls and Security issues - Upcoming devices - a look at new products that the apps market could significantly affect.

5) An at-a-glance listing of over 70 leading players in apps & widget provision including Android Market, Apple Apps Store, GetJar, LG Application Store, Mobango, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog, Orange Apps and Yahoo Widgets etc.



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