GameTreeTV Unveils Social TV Gaming Platform and Developer Program

written by: Richard Kastelein

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TransGaming unveiled a completely redesigned and innovative GameTreeTV user experience at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco in mid-September, that is expected to be commercially deployed this fall to European television audiences.

The GameTreeTV user experience brings an interactive and intuitive new approach to digital home gaming. The design offers game developers a dynamic and visibly compelling user interface where their games can be promoted, showcased and searched easily by consumers. Each game profile in the catalog leverages a variety of video trailers, screenshots and descriptive game content, plus the Platform provides a multi-lingual localized game play experience for consumers around the world.

The release of this new interactive user experience coupled with the extensive game catalog and innovative payment models for consumers, positions GameTreeTV as the premier on-demand gaming platform for all Intel® CE Media Processor based devices.

The official release of the GameTreeTV Authorized Developer Program earlier this month gives developers around the world access to the GameTreeTV Software Development Kit (SDK), technical support, and platform hardware required to bring their games to the GameTreeTV Platform. Through GameTreeTV consumers will be able to access a broad assortment of well-known, popular arcade, puzzle, family and adventure style games from leading developers such as Paramount, PopCap Games, Sandlot, 2D Boy, and more.

With the GameTreeTV Developer Program, TV App and TV Widget developers can make a move in the emerging Social TV Gaming landscape and the GameTreeTV Platform delivers a comprehensive on-demand gaming solution optimized for HDTV through the next generation of set-top boxes and connected consumer electronic devices based on Intel® CE Media Processors.

Through the GameTreeTV Platform consumers will be able to quickly and easily navigate from their television programs, straight to your on-demand games with only a click of the remote.

Join the Developer Program today and see how easy it is to bring your games alive with GameTreeTV. Many leading game developers have already enrolled to have their games available when they launch later this year.




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