"My TV Remote" turns iPhone and iPad into a Universal Remote

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RyzMediaThis time it's RyzMedia's turn to transform Apple's devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch into a universal TV remote.

With the "My TV Remote" application users can easily control their home theatre hardware, have instant access to their own personalized Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

It also enables socialization, sharing and communicating with friends and family about what they're watching.

Yahoo! Finance reports the following functionalities:

  • FullElectronic Program Guide (EPG) in the palm of your hand. The EPG is customized to your cable TV or satellite provider, so you get all the broadcast and cable channels on My TV Remoteyour system.
  • Full device control of your TV, set-top box, DVDs, receivers and other devices. Your favorite channels, programs and shows just one click away.
  • Share your choices with your family and friends via Facebook Connect right with the app itself. My TV Remote makes any TV viewer an active viewer.

The application launches today through select United States resellers and online stores.
The price of the application including two infrared transmitters is $19.95.

Cloud Based Service

The "My TV Remote" application is a cloud based service, meaning users are getting the latest program guide information for their particular system.

It furthermore makes available automatically device codes for new equipment that users by for their television sets or home theatres.

Wirelessly sent to the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Users don't have to aim the old remote device at the iPod or iPhone or iPad to have it learn the code.

Other innovative tv remotes we wrote about on AppMarket are from TiVo (Slide QWERTY Remote), Teevox and Philips (DUAL).

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