V4x Launches VideoLive, Social TV App for Interaction Along Webcasts

written by: Richard Kastelein

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V4x, an innovative platform for Social TV Apps, is launching VideoLive, a toolset which allows content producers to enhance live webcasts with real-time polls, voting, quizzes, contextual info, moderated chat, and provides the ability for viewers to switch between Live and video highlights of parts of the show they have missed.

V4x VideoLive has been launched with selected customers such as MSNBC Education Nation, Television Suisse Romande, a leading Political Party in Spain, and RTL-owned M6. V4x VideoLive is ideal for live sports, concerts, political debates, conventions, corporate meetings, talk-shows and radio.

The platform offers significant benefits to content providers, including:

    * “Social interaction which drives traffic” - viewers chat among themselves, and post messages in twitter and Facebook driving additional audience.
    * "Viewers stay longer” - by offering them where-to-click choices, viewing time doubles.
    * “Editorial Control” - V4x provides professional authoring tools to update content in realtime and social moderation panels to avoid unwanted or abusive language.
    * “Revenue generation” – increased video consumption increase the amount of preroll ads, interactive widgets provide more display inventory.

Laurent Gayout, Head of TSRSports.ch, notes:

“TSR has chosen V4x for popular football events because it added an unparalleled layer of interactivity to our webcasts. Specifically, VideoLive enriched our existing video player with features that our audience loved: detailed scoreboard, in-game players stats, contextual news and relevant links to other pages of our web site. V4x was flexible enough to integrate seamlessly with our online video infrastructure.”

VideoLive - Key Features

    * Play-Along Interactive Widgets – contextual info, quizzes, polls and animated graphics, as overlay or on the side in synch with video.
    * Moderated chat - V4x moderation panel allows preventing spam, and unwanted or abusive language. Viewers share with one-click what they're watching on Facebook & Twitter walls.
    * Instant Highlights for Replay -V4x authoring panel instantly generates highlight clips from the live stream.
    * Custom-Branding - Every App has a different display, with customized graphics and logos.
    * Easy integration with customer’s VideoPlayer, CDN and Ad Network.
    * Web or Facebook App –V4x VideoLive integrates seamless with websites and flash media players, as a custom-branded Facebook app.
    * Professional Authoring Panel - From any location, either remote or onsite, producers, with no technical background, are able to run any show updating content for any widget with just one-click.
    * Facebook & Twitter Connect for viral spread.
    * New advertising opportunities - lower-third overlays with one-click interactive links to access more content, promos, or e-Commerce sites.
    * Dashboard - Back-office real-time measurement of clicks, computation of votes, analytics and reports.

V4x customers include telcos such as Orange and Mobistar, Luc Besson’s film production company EuropaCorp, and media such as Antena3, BFM-TV, MSNBC, M6 WEB, Public Sénat and Television Suisse Romande.


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