AT&T extends TV watching to more devices: the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone

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AT&TAT&T makes its fast growing and top-rated TV service wider available on more devices US-wide.
It will use U-verse® IPTV platform to cast its content on more screens, two new ways to watch TV.

Now the ability to watch via XBox 360 and Windows Phone 7 users is offered as reported by TTKN.
AT&T is the first TV provider in the U.S. to offer live TV service through an Xbox 360, replacing the need for an extra receiver in homes and the need to pay a monthly rental fee for an additional receiver.

At the beginning of November, the U-verse Mobile application will be preloaded so that any AT&T wireless customer with a Windows Phone 7 device can download and watch TV shows while they’re on the go.

David Christopher, CMO, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, said:

"Now you can get our award-winning U-verse services on your big screen TV, online, on your mobile phone, and integrated with your Xbox 360.
Our IPTV strategy is putting AT&T at the forefront by delivering U-verse content where you want it.
And now we’re extending the U-verse experience to more AT&T smartphone customers with the upcoming launch of U-verse Mobile on Windows Phone 7 devices.”

Microsoft's Andreas Mueller-Schubert, General Manager of the Media Platforms Business, said:

“AT&T has a legacy of innovation and teamed up with Microsoft to build a differentiated all-IP TV offering to enable the future of TV services for their customers.
We’re excited to extend that relationship today through new initiatives that make TV anywhere a possibility, delivering rich entertainment experiences for consumers across multiple screens, inside and outside the home.”

Prices, expansions and dates
For the XBox 360 enabling, the expansion will need a $99 kit and a $55 install by a technician if people aren't a new customer.
The TV service should be available starting from November 7.

Concerning the mobile app, as written by Electronista:

The mobile app should be available near the US launch of WP7 itself on November 8 and will have a month of free use if they aren't a U-verse TV subscriber. Those that are get the mobile app for free, while others can pay $10 per month for all non-DVR functions.

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