Connected TV on the Rise in the US

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Instat has unveiled a new report on the future of Web-to-TV  with numbers, participants, platforms and much more.  

They are saying that consumer adoption of Web-to-TV is really gaining momentum and within five years there will be over 200 million web-enabled CE devices operating in the US alone. Not only are movie rental and purchases rapidly migrating to electronic sell-through but also - on-demand TV programming viewing is expanding at an exponential rate.

The real question is - what is the best method of monetizing OTT video content? Subscription or Pay per View? Advertising driven?

This research report provides an update to In-Stat’s original 2009 Web-to-TV report and taps into primary research to quantify current Web-to-TV consumer behavior as well as total US web-enabled device shipments and installed base are forecasted.

Three alternative Web-to-TV models are identified in order to assess how OTT video content can be monetized. These include the current overlay model that favors device manufacturers and retailers. The bundled model reflects the emergence of video search engine platforms, such as Google TV, that span both online and pay TV programming. Finally, the integrated model envisions the delivery of third-party online TV via pay TV hybrid set-top boxes.

Five-year forecasts for Web-to-TV adoption are presented, segmented by household, revenue, and device type.

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