Alcatel-Lucent and TalkTalk Team up to Prepare Infrastructure for Connected TV Future

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Alcatel-Lucent has announced that it has signed a three-year agreement with UK-based broadband operator TalkTalk to build a Content Delivery Network (CDN) running over TalkTalk's existing high speed IP network which sets the stage for not only the rollout of Youview in 2011, but also augments the platforms of CE manufacturers such as Samsung, Philips, Sony, Google TV, Apple TV and many others vying in the connected TV space.

“By enabling our network with Alcatel-Lucent Velocix infrastructure, we will be able to lead the market in digital delivery, further showcasing TalkTalk’s leading innovation in the UK market,” said Max Alexander, TV & Media Director of TalkTalk. “Alcatel-Lucent Velocix’s experience of operating a global CDN, coupled with its market leadership and extensive experience in video delivery were major factors in our selection. We believe Alcatel-Lucent is best positioned to support us in the deployment and operation of our own CDN.”


Over the next 4 months all TalkTalk customers will be placed on a 24 Meg speed profile. This means that all new and existing TalkTalk customers will automatically get the fastest speed their line will support, all at no extra cost and with no need to extend or sign a new contract for existing customers.

“We are witnessing an explosion in data traffic over both fixed and mobile networks which is set to continue,” said Paul Larbey, Vice President and General Manager of Velocix, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent. “Our aim is to work with TalkTalk to develop an intelligent network architecture that can handle the extra demand efficiently while at the same time, creating the potential for new revenues by exposing the assets within the network in a secure way.”

This industry-beating offer from TalkTalk (, the biggest provider of broadband to Britain’s homes, has been made possible through its £500million network investment which now covers over 80% of the population. During the coming months, TalkTalk engineers will also complete the £10-20m upgrade of the backhaul network, installing Gbit Ethernet fibre between all exchanges. This will ensure a more consistent service during peak times.

Tristia Clarke from TalkTalk commented:

“We are all aware of the frustration that comes from a congested internet. Jittery iPlayer, slow gaming and even web pages take an age to load. As people increasingly use the internet to view rich media content, ISPs have struggled to balance the ballooning infrastructure cost with the need to offer compelling propositions in an ever competitive market.

“However, at TalkTalk we have invested in our network to remove all backhaul congestion, the principle cause of slow internet speeds at peak times. So whether you want our Essentials package giving you 40GB of downloads a month, or the high-performing, truly unlimited Pro package, you’ll get the fastest broadband your line will possibly support at the great price you expect from TalkTalk.”

The TalkTalk Essentials package, available at just £6.99* a month now offers:

• Fast broadband up to 24Meg
• Generous 40GB download allowance
• Inclusive evening and weekend calls to all UK numbers starting 01/02/03 and 0845/0870.
• FREE wireless ‘G’ router
• Free Magic Desktop - give your kids a head start with this fun, educational computer programme
• Free technical and customer support (from your TalkTalk line)
• 30-day no-quibble trial
• Free voicemail
• Free Calling Circle - Choose from 16 mobile local/national and international numbers and get a discount of 10% on the usual per minute rates
• Free Caller Display with our free Privacy Pack

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