Samsung Merging App Platforms for Smartphones and Connected TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Samsung Electronics recently announced tthey are working on joint software platform which will work on mobile phones as well as on TV's and the company hopes it will bait the app developers to create two screen solutions - popular in the Social TV and Transcreation movements - and therefore increase consumer adoption.

According to Samsung's VP of Visual Display Division, Kyungski Kevin Lee interviewed by Reuters:

"We have a plan to have a single platform for Samsung TV and phones." Lee added that he could not give any timeline for the launch of this platform as developers are still working on it.

Lee didn't provided any time line for the launch joint software platform but it is presumed some time next year. Samsung's rivals LG Electronics and Sony are both in smartphones and television markets, but none of these companies have revealed such plan. However both of these companies are in work with Google on different projects.

Reuters noted erroneously:

In addition to Samsung only its local rival LG Electronics and Japan's Sony Corp, through its handset venture Sony Ericsson, are in a position to combine the two audiences.

Other companies with similar initiatives not mentioned include Apple iOS and Toshiba Places. Details are sketchy but is likely that they will merge Bada into their recently enhanced TV SDK and APIs.

"There is a small number of companies positioned to do this, of course, and all have holes in their stories, whether geographically, in product terms, or in terms of engaging developer communities," said analyst John Jackson, CCS Insight. "The strategic premise is that by doing this you can position yourself to participate in the revenue streams generated by the services that run on your platform."

Samsung has, however, shifted over 1.5 million dollars into app competitions for developers in Korea, the US and Europe as has previously reported here, here, here, here and here. And has run developer days in Korea, USA, France, Germany and the UK. And they have held at least 25 developer day conferences for their Mobile Bada development platform.




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