World of Warcraft coming to Google TV

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World of Warcraft coming on Google TVCloud gaming on the connected TV, it just got a step closer due to a cloud system called Gamestring Adrenalin that can push World of Warcraft to Google TV.

How it works?

The remote play technology allows punters to install the Gamestring Adrenalin host server on your PC. Once installed, gamers can play and share gaming on a Google TV. The service even allows punters to share gaming over mobile devices like tablets and Android mobiles.

Aftercad CEO Chris Boothroyd, said:

"Our GameString technology represents the next generation in cloud gaming as it doesn't rely on downloads, plugins, Java or obscure codecs to work. The proof is in the fact it works with the Google TV right out of the box while other cloud gaming services will have to write an app to run it on."

Furthermore, The Inquirer reports that the company reckons gamers are able to play StarCraft 2, Civilisation 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Fallout: New Vegas, Mafia 2, Bioshock Infinite and Duke Nukem Forever.

When I'm looking at the video, one of the first things that get's me wondering is the gaming experience / user experience. Is that really comfy? And is the big screen such a surplus that gamers will adjust their gaming habits (in terms of keyboard/mouse handling) it will be a new experience?

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