Rumour: iTunes Extras and iTunes LPs Coming to Apple TV, iPad and iPhone?

written by: Richard Kastelein

Share this Article is reporting that Steve Jobs said that iTunes Extras and iTunes LPs is coming to Apple TV. This will, if it pans out, open the door even wider for developers to make apps for the Apple TV. Somehow, during it's recent segue into an iOS device, Apple TV dropped iTunes LP and Extras. The new addition - according to Apple Insider - will support for playback of iTunes LPs, which add liner notes, lyrics, photos and other graphics to digital music albums, and iTunes Extras, which add to digital movie downloads with DVD-style special features such as behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, and other bonus content.

A MacRumors reader, Conor Winders of Redwind Software, recently emailed Apple CEO Steve Jobs to ask about the future of iTunes Extras and iTunes LP on the new Apple TV, and Jobs offered a customarily-brief reply:

Q: I've been a massive fan of the original Apple TV since it launched, in fact I have 2 of my own and have bought a fair few as gifts over the years. So as soon as the new Apple TV was released I bought one. Overall it's a fantastic update for me as I always stream from my Mac mini anyway. But here's the kicker - Where are iTunes Extras and iTunes LP gone? I've purposely been buying content with those features just for my Apple TVs. And now the features are unusable on my new box?! Is there an update coming to fix this?

A: Coming.

Sent from my iPhone.

It's likely that the technology will soon be available on the iPad, as iwell as Phone and iPod touch users who may also soon see content playback support added for iTunes LPs and Extras.

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