UAE, China and Russia Leading Social TV Users

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Last week Zawya, "a leading Middle East business information company," published very interesting findings from Motorola Mobility's 2010 Media Engagement Barometer, "an independent global study of video consumption habits among 7,500 consumers in 13 markets by research agency Vanson Bourne."
The key findings from the results paint a very interesting picture of global social TV.

Sixty per cent of those surveyed from the UAE have used a social network or internet chat software to discuss a television programme or video content while they were watching it; the third highest total behind China (70 per cent) and Russia (66 per cent). Of this group, a further 67 per cent do it frequently or very frequently, the highest combined percentage of the entire survey.

According to the findings, a huge percentage of the China, Russia and the UAE are using a social network or internet chat software to discuss programming while they watch.

What's interesting is that these stats are actually good news for the service providers as Zawya points out:

Spelling good news for service providers, 28 per cent of those who have used social networks or chat service to discuss programming would readily pay a premium for such services to be integrated into their TV service, while 47 per cent would seriously consider paying extra provided they were given a demonstration of its value. A massive 73 per cent would change service provider to one that offered access to these services.

Will Google TV, Apple TV,Roku or Boxee be the answer to this desire to converge social networking with the set-top box or will one of the social TV startups find a way to fill this void around the globe?

Maybe a simple Facebook or Twitter widget will be the answer. Verizon Fios already has Facebook and Twitter widgets but sans a keyboard I can't imagine how often consumers actually use them. My vote is currently with Google TV, who has a detailed keyboard available through Logitech and an app store poised for growth.


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