Hulu defied the cynics: it will make $240 million in 2010

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HuluWell said by WebTVWire, because indeed, Hulu performed beyond expectations of many. Hulu CEO Jason Kilar "speaking in San Francisco, said Hulu delivered videos to 30 million viewers in the past month from a library that includes hit shows such as "The Office" and "Glee." According to Reuters, this growth projection will likely create more buzz about a potential public offering.

VentureBeat reports on the shared figures by Kilar:

  • 30 million monthly users
  • 260 million content streams (each TV episode is counted as a content stream)
  • 800 million ad streams
  • 352 ad partners
  • On-track to earn more than $240 million in revenue in 2010 (compared to $25 million in 2008 and $108 million in 2009)

An interesting addition -by DigitalTrends- in terms of Hulu's advertising effectivity:

All of the top 25 U.S. advertisers air commercials on Hulu, said Kilar on Wednesday. More than 260 million streams were watched, filled with 800 million ad streams. The CEO made a point to highlight Nielsen research showing that ads on Hulu are 55 percent more effective than the same ads on traditional television.

All in all these are good figures and developments for Hulu's future, be it via an IPO or not. This does show that the TV industry is fast changing and companies like Hulu (launched three years ago) can change and/or define how Web video is being consumed. Right now it's the second-largest Web Video service behind Google's Youtube in the US.

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