Yahoo! Connected TV store to start selling widgets

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Yahoo has announced that it will let software makers sell widgets at a new Connected TV store for televisions expected to launch in March of 2011.

Paid TV Widget pricing will be set by developers for a one-time purchase between $0.99 and $99.00 and Yahoo will handle payment processing for the Paid TV Widgets, providing consumers a simple interface to purchase the applications. Yahoo will deliver payments to developers, based on a revenue share of 70% of the purchase price. The Paid TV Widget developer program is initially open to developers and publishers in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, France, Canada and Australia. and they anticipate expanding the program to developers in additional markets in the future.

They have already testing a handful of innovative Paid TV Widgets:

  1. Kadoo from MediaFly – upload your home movies, access them from your TV and share privately with friends and family.
  2. PlayJam – pay-to-play 3 of PlayJam's fun, yet challenging, casual games: Darts, Miami Pool and Japanese puzzle game, Puzdoku.
  3. Virtual Nerd – download video-based tutoring modules for students on the TV. Virtual Nerd offers more than 1,000 engaging algebra and physics tutorials, available anytime in the comfort of your own home.
  4. ScreenDreams – set the mood when entertaining or relaxing and enhance your living décor with beautiful fireplaces, aquariums, fine art, and more.
  5. Accedo Broadband – play premium versions of popular poker game, Texas Hold 'em, and the game that puts your music knowledge to the test, Music Madness.
  6. MyCast Weather – check the weather in an easy to interpret format on your TV. Your weather experience comes to life with high definition radar and cloud imagery, real-time current conditions and forecasts displayed.

For details on the soon-to-launch Yahoo Connected TV Store, go the Connected TV Store page.

"We are adding a very tangible monetization element to the Connected TV platform that didn't exist before by giving developers and publishers the opportunity to create paid widgets," said Yahoo marketing executive Russ Schafer to the AFP. "I think it will open up the world for a lot of other applications," Schafer added. "Categories that make sense include games; they are easy to use and take advantage of those big, beautiful screens."


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