Screach Launches in UK - Open Platform for Two Screen Social TV and Interactive Solution

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Following on the heels of US Social TV check-in formats from Philo, Miso, Starling and Tunerfish, UK company ScreenReach Interactive (, is rolling out an interactive TV and digital media platform that creates a real-time connection between content and consumers, but also claim to go far beyond just checkins.

Using an open platform called ScreachXML for their new product called Screach, it allows Creatives and Designers to build fully interactive Screach experiences for their customers at no cost and in a matter of hours. From live polling to gaming or quizzes, there are plenty of possibilities for immersive, relevant and fun experiences.

It isn’t an App; it’s a Super-App: download Screach once and open the door to endless rich, relevant, 2-way engaging experiences.

What can you do with Screach?

Discover experiences – search for experiences by category (e.g. TV / Art & Culture / Shopping) and by place, finding locations nearby with experiences to engage with.

Engage with content in real time – their interactive  experiences offer immediate interactions that return results in real time.What can you do with Screach?

Imagine you’re watching a TV talent show like America’s Got Talent or The X Factor. The TV show announces a Screach code. You open the app on your phone, enter the code and the app becomes a voting panel. You can now vote for your favourite act and then see in real time how the rest of the audience around the country is voting.
Follow your friends’ activity – the app displays a constant stream of the recent Screach activity of your friends, showing the experiences they’re engaging with right now.

Share your own experiences – log in to facebook through Screach and keep your profile automatically updated with Screach posts on the experiences you’ve enjoyed and the places you have visited.

Tag experiences – find an experience you love or want to save for later? Screach allows you to tag experiences and save them for quick access at a later date. Screach can also alert you when a tagged experience is about to begin, so you’re always on time to get involved.

Locate a venue – out and about and want to engage with Screach? Just open up the Places page and you can search for specific locations nearby or by exploring different categories. Each venue page shows the experiences they have available, a stream of recent Screach activity and details on the precise address of that location.

Build your Screach profile – log in via facebook and build your Screach profile, where you can review your own recent activity, check how many Screach points you’ve achieved, appreciate the badges you’ve won and redeem rewards.

Win Screach points and badges – be rewarded for taking part in an experience by receiving Screach points and badges. Points are awarded for every experience, though the number is determined by the experience itself, and badges are bestowed upon special occasions.

Real world rewards – some experiences also reward users with vouchers and offers that can be used beyond the virtual world of Screach with real world returns, such as a free drink in the pub or money off a pair of trainers in a sports shop. Rewards are saved to your profile so that you don’t have to use them immediately.

Mobilebeat also covered their launch:

Screen Reach was part of the Difference Engine incubator program and has raised $420,000 in funding. Right now Screach works on iPhone and Android devices, but the company is working to add other devices. 



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