Verizon brings football to the tablet with iPad TV app

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VerizonVerizon Communications launched a new NFL RedZone iPad app for their FiOS TV customers. The iPad app lets you stream RedZone content to the iPad in your home, assuming you are a FiOS TV customer that subscribes to the RedZone channel. Further, ConnectedPlanetOnline reports that the app actually was relaunched last month whilst its debut was earlier in the year.

It was pulled from the app store for unknown reasons and has now made a triumphant return, a screenshot of the app can be seen below.

TFTS on the abilities of the app:

The FiOS RedZone app allows Verizon customers who have the RedZone service purchased to watch any NFL game from the comfort of their iPad while watching another game on their television at home. The FiOS app not only streams the RedZone channel to the iPad but also has a plethora of scores and stats from games all over the country constantly updating on the left or right sidebar.

Verizon RedZone 

ConnectedPlanetOnline further elaborates on the niche of this app:

This one is purely for the fantasy football freaks among us. If you are wondering why anyone would need to watch RedZone on an iPad while at home—and probably watching football on TV at the same time—than you are not a member of the target audience for this app. Perhaps that’s why Verizon didn’t bring out the trumpets for its launch. Such specialized iPad TV apps show how useful the tablet really can be as a TV accompaniment, though the big fanfare should be saved for the more broadly appealing iPad TV apps.


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