Samsung to Make Move into Social TV - Introducing Korea's Cyworld on their Connected TVs

written by: Richard Kastelein

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The Korean Herald is reporting that Samsung Electronics and SK Communications in Korea have announced that the two will present Cyworld, the biggest social networking site in Korea, on Samsung’s next generation TVs.

The marriage will tie the two companies in creating Social networking services that move beyond computers and smartphones to smart television.

The new feature will allow Koreans to upload photos and post replies on their own or their friends’ mini homepages using the remote control, according to the companies’ officials. They will also be able to easily share photos or contents with their friends or families on the bigger display and the service is interlocked with smartphones such as Galaxy S, meaning photos taken by Samsung’s flagship smartphone could be viewed immediately on Cyworld’s photo menu.

“We will put our best efforts into creating a smarter life for our customers by continuously expanding the number of our smart TV contents, which are customized differently for every country,” Kevin Lee, vice president of the product strategy team of visual display at Samsung Electronics told The Herald. He also claimed that the two partners are forming a new industrial trend, pointing to the combination of smart TV and social networking.

And Song Min-jung, a senior researcher at DigiEco, KT’s economic research unit, added that connectivity and openness of TVs are becoming success factors as more people are using smart devices nowadays. “Allowing people to view TV programs on cross-functional platform-based devices and creating a social community among the TV viewers is becoming critical,” said Song.

Samsung’s Connected TV has released up to 290 TV applications for 120 different nations, including Korea, the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom and recently surpassed over one million downloads.


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