YuMe Launches New Video Ad Units to Create Immersive Experience - Targets Connected TV next?

written by: Richard Kastelein

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YuMe Networks, the online video advertising technlogy solution provider and ad network, will soon embed its technology in connected devices according to a recent video interview, so ads can be effectively served. For an overview of advertising on connected devices and the look of solutions to come, Beet.tv spoke witth Jayant Kadambi, president and co-founder of YuMe Networks.

Earlier in December 2010, YuMe announced the launch of three new, in-stream video ad units: Lights Out, SideKick, and Expanded View... new ad placements that provide unique and immersive opportunities for advertisers to successfully reach and engage their audience, and for publishers to monetize their video inventory. The creative approach in these ad units showcase YuMe's dedication to innovation while exemplifying the advanced capabilities afforded by its technology platform, ACE™, to deliver customized branding experiences across all platforms and devices.

"We're completely focused on providing video and advertising solutions that drive results for advertisers and publishers alike," said Jayant Kadambi, co–founder and President of YuMe. "These new, in-stream ad units represent both our emphasis on continuing to build novel ad solutions that provide deeper consumer engagement and the advanced capabilities afforded by our ACE™ technology platform."

The Lights Out ad unit is the latest in a series of new, interactive video advertising opportunities that gives viewers more control over their online viewing experience. When the pre-roll ad begins playing, the publisher's website content automatically dims to create a movie theater-style effect. Viewers can reverse this effect at any time while the ad is running by clicking on the "Lights On/Off" watermark. Lights Out simulates a page take-over, making it ideal for advertisers who are interested in creating strong brand awareness. For participating publishers, this unit facilitates greater revenue opportunities thanks to its highly immersive experience.

SideKick is a pre-roll that synchronizes design elements, such as animation or audio cues, with the companion banner. FIRST5, the California Children and Families Commission, and their agency Frasier Communications, are using SideKick to educate viewers on the important role parents play in a child's first years.

"We are excited to partner with YuMe for the launch of their new SideKick ad unit," said Genny Drennen, Media Director at Frasier Communications. "This innovative ad placement has given us a whole new way to position our brand while actively engaging users and eliciting response."

YuMe is also unveiling Expanded View, a pre-roll, which is framed with a border image while the ad plays. Once the ad ends, the branded frame disappears. The Expanded View provides a more impactful branding impression by allowing an advertiser to further extend its message and branding experience beyond the confines of the video player.

To experience and interact with YuMe's new ad units, visit. http://www.yume.com/ad_gallery_all.

YuMe was recently injected with €5 million from Intel according to Techcrunch.

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