Samsung Teams up With mgMEDIA to create Samsung Movies Spain - Claims to be First Multi-Device, Over-The-Top, Four Screen, Quad Play Platform

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Samsung Movies Spain, mgMEDIA's digital content platform which allows users to decide when and how to enjoy their content, has finally come alive, according to a recent press release. It's been almost four months since mgMEDIA announced the partnership with Samsung. This is the first video on demand (VOD) service for connected devices to be launched by a TV manufacturer.

"We are excited that we have this unparalleled chance to work with Samsung Spain in the beginning of a new revolution in the entertainment arena: the merging of Internet and traditional TV", said Jeronimo Macanas, mgMEDIA CEO. "230 million users worldwide will have Internet-connected devices by 2013, and those users will be able to enjoy movies, TV shows and other TV content as they never did before. Needless to say, this is the beginning of a new era in digital content consumption, where users may get what they want from their sofas, just by pressing their remote, at reasonable prices and without being tied to traditional IPTV services", he added.

ReelSEO Writer Christophor Rick sums up the technology well:

So Apple fanboys rave about how cool it is to watch a video on their iPhone and with a press of a button send it to their AppleTV. They forget that Google TV can also do this from an Android handset (as demonstrated in the original Google TV unveiling). Now that’s all fine and cool. But Samsung has gone a step further. Not only do they actually make all of the screens but they now have a service that is one login and can stream to all of those devices. You can even pause the video you’re watching on your tablet and when you get home turn on your Samsung Internet-connected TV and pick up right from where you left off.

The content is shared across all of the compatible devices which is exactly what many of us want. In fact, since I was pondering getting an Android tablet, new TV and an Android smartphone, this could be the deciding factor for me, if it were available in my area.

The service already has content from major studios like Paramount as well as many independent film studios like Aurum, Selecta Visión, La Central Digital, DeAPlaneta, Filmax, and Zinkia.


He's completely right about one thing, this certainly means more fragmentation.

Now, I can see this fragmenting the industry where every manufacturer will have their own service and if you have say an HTC phone, Samsung TV, Playstation 3, and a Mac you might need multiple different services, again defeating the purpose which is to have one simple place to get everything.

The platform is accessible through different Samsung Internet connected-devices, such as TV sets, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Content is shared between all the Samsung compatible devices. For example, users can buy a movie on their laptop, start watching it on their TV, stop it and resume it later, at the exact same point they left it, on their mobile phone or tablet. The possibilities are endless.

mgMEDIA has reached an agreement with several major Hollywood studios (such as Paramount Pictures and others) as well as independent film studios (Aurum, Selecta Vision, La Central Digital, DeAPlaneta, Filmax, Zinkia and more).

The cutting edge streaming option allows users to watch the content immediately, without interruptions. Prices range from 0,99 EUR to 3,99 EUR.

mgMEDIA goes for a very intuitive registration and a secure payment system (PayPal's "pre-approval"). Further payment methods will be soon integrated.

Macanas stated that:

"...this is what consumers were waiting for, and finally they have it within reach thanks to Samsung and mgMEDIA."

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