Hulu introduces Playlists: Viewers become Curators

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Hulu The blog of Hulu announces the introduction of Youtube-like Playlists. It enables viewers to create and browse playlists, it gives the viewers an opportunity to become more engaged with the content which they consume, becoming Curators of that content, as written by Mashable.

How it works:

Simply click on the “+” symbol near a video on Hulu and select the “Add to playlist” option. Create a new playlist or add the video to an existing list; later, you can enter descriptions for the video from the new “Playlists” tab in your Profile.

Hulu Playlists

From your profile view, you can browse all of your playlists, write descriptions, and also set your privacy preferences. (Videos that are set to “public” can be browsed from our new Playlists hub and viewed by the entire Hulu community.)

One disadvantage of the Playlists in relation to Hulu's content is the following, as described by VentureBeat:

There’s one drawback that immediately comes to mind: Much of the full-length content on Hulu is only available for a short time. For example, many TV shows only include their five most recent episodes on the site, making the older content available only through the Hulu Plus subscription service. So if you want a playlist that isn’t completely useless in a month, you’ll have to focus on clips, not full episodes (again, kind of like fan videos on YouTube).

It's a new and interesting way for creating viewers to even invest more time in producing playlists, which in return is an user-generated augmentation and co-creation for Hulu.


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