Vidtonic to introduce IPTV kit powered by Android at the CES 2011

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Vidtonic TechIntersect reports that Vidtonic is going to introduce at the CES 2011 an IPTV kit powered by Android to bring an Android app made for a TV screen, so that developers don't have to wait for an SDK for Google TV.

The kit offers the following:

*A hardware/software platform kit designed for Android  developers to bring their applications to the TV screen.

*Includes television housing, cables, 1080p LCD panel in various sizes, power supply and a motherboard using an ARM/DSP microprocessor solution.

*Allows enthusiasts to build their own television, powered by AndroidTM.

*Gives developers the open platform they need to write their own made-for-TV Android powered applications.

Can't Android apps be brought to TV by an HDMI output port which are available on many Android devices?

What about the role of the (conventional) remote control? That would be an interesting addition to the kit, instead of touch screens. Of course this depends on the type of app and purpose.

Vidtonic expects to release the Homebrew platform in the first quarter of 2011.

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