Guillermo del Toro takes a serious step with Mirada, opening a Boutique ‘Transmedia’ Studio

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Guillermo tel Toro Guillermo del Toro and three partners "have opened a boutique studio in Marina del Rey, California, that they hope will help the business of  “transmedia” storytelling" as reported by the New York Times. Joining Del Toro in the venture are commercial and music-video director Mathew Cullen, cinematographer Guillermo Navarro and producer Javier Jimenez.

Mirada's approach and purpose

Mirada will house all of the tools that filmmakers need to create entertainment that lives partly on the Web, partly in movie theaters, partly in video games – so-called transmedia – under one roof. Right now, Hollywood takes a much more decentralized approach, with various companies specializing in animation or publishing or Web video.

Mr. Del Toro said:

The company “will look beyond what the market is doing right now to where it will be in 10 years."

Mathew Cullen, a Mirada partner and well-known director of commercials and music videos, said:

“The goal is to create a creative business that fuses together all of those different disciplines.”

It was only a matter of time that a big Hollywood director sees the potential in creating transmedia content, will be interesting to see what transmedia he can bring to the mainstream.

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