iMediaShare: Android Mobile App to Seamlessly Stream and Watch Online Media on the Big Screen via any Connected TV, Connected Audio Systems, Blu-Ray Players, PS3 and Xbox 360

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iMediashare - Bianor

I've been paying a closer look at Bianor, creators of iMediaShare for a while now. They've been winning awards and believe in their endeavor to create a simple non-technical experience to bring content on any screen via any device.

This week, Bianor introduces iMediaShare 3.0, a free mobile app that transforms your Android smartphone into a remote control, allowing you to seamlessly stream and watch online media on the big screen. Unlike the many set-top box solutions available in the marketplace, iMediaShare 3.0 requires no additional hardware and no cables. The mobile solution ensures that your favorite content is portable, so you can play it at any time on any connected TV. iMediaShare 3.0 also supports connected audio systems and blu-ray players, as well as PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles.

Bianor's Managing Director, Metodi Filipov, said:

"The latest Android version of iMediaShare comes with a complete redesign, which provides a much improved user-experience, and a new scalable back-end infrastructure to support on-demand video streaming from the cloud. The online TV channels featured on iMediaShare 3.0 include TEDTalks and NASA TV. Users can expect to see many more channels in the near future."

Download the free mobile app iMediaShare from

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