LG Rolling Out Connected TV Upgrader

written by: Richard Kastelein

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CES has seen LG release an industry-first with what they are calling a 'Smart TV Upgrader' which will allow for the transformation of a traditional TV into a smart TV. They say the device will turn regular televisions into Internet-enabled sets with access to premium online content, shows, Web sites, and LG apps and owners of older TVs will also be able to find shows, movies, language classes, and games, and access sites including Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, and Pandora Internet radio, as well as run Yahoo TV widgets. But it also puts them into direct competition with companies such as Roku, TiVo and Boxee Box in the US market.

"The market for smart TVs is set to take off this year, and the ST600 offers a perfect entry point," said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Co., in a statement. "With the LG Smart TV Upgrader, we're taking the excitement and convenience of smart TV and adding in LG's trademark ease of use because we see a significant audience who are interested, but not interested enough to buy a whole new TV."

The device comes with a BCM7615 processor, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) connectivity to transfer content from compatible PCs; 384 MB of RAM; 1 GB of flash storage; a Web browser; finger-touch RCU input device; and USB. It also has an LG add-on architecture.

The Seoul-based consumer electronics maker did not release pricing for the ST600 but said it would be "an affordable price," and that it would be available in the second quarter of 2011.



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