Telenet Yelo's Ambitions: Integrating Social Media and Co-Creation Community in the Platform

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Telenet Yelo

Belgian Telenet has started with interactive digital television since 2005. Their next step is the launch of Telenet's newest platform, Yelo. Yelo will make the step to the "small" mobile screen. Yelo will make the television experience also available on iPad, iPhone and even PC and laptop.

The large Belgian commercial broadcasters are not yet buying in, channels that partake are Eén, Ketnet/Canvas, Acht, Eurosport, Disney Channel, Discovery Channel, Prime Sport, Studio 100 TV, Njam! en BBC Entertainment.

Next Steps

I do have my doubts on their Mobile TV plans, I am though convinced on their following ambitions:

* To integrate social media functionalities, such as Twitter and Facebook, in Yelo;

* Adding game consoles to the devices-portfolio and

* Promote co-creation and crowdsourcing. Yelo's CEO Sickinghe, referring to the start up of the co-creation community, said:

"The market will bring new products to Telenet/Yelo, not vice versa". (ED: translated)

It will be interesting to learn if it will bring both creative ideas/concepts/products and cost-reduction relating to the first-mentioned.

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