Sidereel Survey Says Social Media Not that Important for TV

written by: Richard Kastelein

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SideReel, a popular website that offers users the ability to search for television shows, track them and watch full episodes online - bolted on with a community site (with 10 million monthly unique visitors) that includes user discussions, reviews, and news - has released a new survey with some interesting data that fires in the face of those in the emerging TV space who are strong proponents of recommendation engines in the Social TV landscape. Bear in mind, this is a passionate community that probably prefers Sidereel to getting social on Facebook and Twitter for their entertainment needs.  SideReel acts as an online medium, connecting users to content centered around the shows that interest them and organizing the information around those shows.


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eHomeupgrade also reported on the unexpected numbers:

In a nutshell, SideReel found that “Social Media is important, but only for 25 percent of online TV watchers.” And that “Only 10 percent of users want to broadcast what they are watching or want to watch to their friends.” Translation: only 25% like the idea of seeing what their friends are watching, but only 10% are willing to participate — at least that’s what I’m getting out of it.

...SideReel also breaks down which services people are using for their Social TV activities. They found that Twitter leads the pack with a 29% share and that “none of the check-in services including GetGlue, Miso, Clicker or Foursquare have significant usage.” Ouch!

So much for TV checkin and social TV apps that try to take on the behemoths that control social Media - Twitter and Facebook. Not happening. Integrate or die. Find a way to build on the existing social graphs that people have way too much social investment banked already and figure out a way to work with them. Facebook Connect, Twitter OAuth, or Die. Find a new value propostions in and around gaming mechanics or something more compelling than FourSquare knockoffs.

SideReel also discovered that a good chunk, a whopping 42%, of what people are viewing through their TV connected devices comes directly from Netflix. 



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