Agile TV: From Screens to Touchpoints

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Disruption is hitting the TV industry, business models, fragmentation, media consumption, multiscreen experience, platforms and devices are forcing the TV industry to change... fast. With this is mind, it's time for a customer-centric approach of TV: Agile TV. The channel-centric approach of screens, platforms and channels is obsolete, just as the multichannel commerce experience is becoming obsolete, according to Forrester.

On AppMarket we've been reporting extensively on the rise of Connected TVs, IPTV, Social TV and Multiscreen experiences, all being motivations for the Agile TV approach.

Forrester on the Agile Commerce:

It is time for organizations to leave their channel-oriented ways behind and enter the era of agile commerce —optimizing their people, processes, and technology to serve today’s empowered, ever-connected customers across this rapidly evolving set of customer touchpoints. This is agile commerce.

This is first a change in business culture, powered by social media as explored in this article. Then comes the execution and approach to it which ideally should be acknowledged by both demand and supply to be optimally effective.

The application of Agile Commerce as shown below can be applied to Agile TV as well. Touchpoints for TV can be Web, Mobile, TV, DOOH, In-store, Tablets, Augmented Reality, Social, EPG, Proximity/GPS Marketing and more. This will create an ecosystem that is able to be multipurposed, be it commercial (product placement and POS combination), consuming (TV everywhere), informational (contextual, purpose driven) and social (shareable, check-ins, gamifying the entertainment and commercial experience). 

Agile Commerce - Agile TV

Brands are able to give TV (branded content) a place in the consumer journey of its products, be it as a generator or as end point. Broadcasters can widen their scope and increase (micro-)revenue streams through touchpoints as opposed of approaching it from a channel/device perspective because the experience is leading, not 'caring' about what channels or screen is being used. We see this development with content providers such as the New York Times.

Agile TV and Transmedia have a symbiotic relation.

As Forrester rightly says: The customer is now at the center, and delivering relevant content, commerce, and service is the key to delivering on the new reality.

Being able to do so, organizations need to reconfigure resources and capabilities to stay ahead of the rate of change as consumer technology adoption and behaviors change. 

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