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AnyClip and the new way to monetize feature films

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I sat down with AnyClip's new president Oren Nauman earlier this month at Digital Hollywood to hear about the company's rebirth and relocation to Los Angeles. AnyClip, a Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) funded company is creating a network that will allow movie studios to use "any clip" from feature films to target consumers. The Hollywood Reporter recently described  AnyClip's deal with Universal to catalog their collection and "include call-to-action links, like ones to Netflix or Amazon or other places where consumers can spend money that will find its way into Universal's coffers". Mashable recently covered a similar partnership they struck with Vivendi Entertainment.

AnyClip originally launched with the hopes of creating a consumer targeted video network where people could come and search for AnyClip they wanted. According to Nauman the company is "really focused on the B2B enablement" of their video network, which seems to be working with the recent deals they've announced. Similarly, Ran Harnevo the founder and CEO of made a similar decision to create a B2B network out of "instructional and DIY" videos that led to AOL acquiring the company and giving them a chance to become a powerful competitor in the video space. 

Hollywood films are usually judged by their box office sales and subsequent DVD and download sales. Product placement has always played a big role in providing funding for the production itself but there has never been a way to monetize the product placement for years to come. Only the famous instances of product placement in movies are remembered. M&Ms famously turned down the chance to be the candy E.T. ate, giving Reeces the slot and a 65% increase in sales after the movie came out. Creating a video network out of "any clip" could create a powerful video network that will allow Universal to continue to creatively promote Reeces wherever AnyClip decides to embed E.T.'s candy binge.

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