Joe Pine: Creating A Cohesive Experience Is The Real Challenge - What This Means For TV

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During Sitecore’s event Digital Trendspot last week I got the chance to interview mr. Pine once again after his keynote “The Experience ìs the Marketing”. The first interview was for last year, focussing about his 'sensemaking' framework, the Multiverse and TV. His latest book called Infinite Possibilities is about the infinite digital and physical possibilities to create experiences. 

Pine argues that businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers, and that memory itself becomes the product – the “experience”. The following image shows Pine’s vision of economic value creation. From commodities up to experiences which are the customization of the previous stage.


Cohesive experiences

Mr. Pine elaborated there are effectively infinite possibilities within the physical and digital world. Key for organization is to discover the right opportunity, create value for your customers amidst the inifite possibilities. Here the Multiverse -the framework in his book Infinite Possibilities- is being introduced.

The Multiverse is a sensemaking tool that allows organizations to figure out and categorize opportunities, to use it to generate ideas.

Pine defines 8 worlds in his Multiverse. The Multiverse is a framework that consists of eight different worlds in which people experience their lives. The most simple one being the world in which you are immerged when you are playing a computer game and the one you see when you look up: real life.

The eight worlds are:

1. Reality
2. Augmented reality

3. Alternate Reality

4. Warped re
5. Virtuality
6. Augmented Virtuality
7. Physical virtuality

8. Mirrored Virtuality

For a more indepth explenation of the Multiverse, have a look at the video here .

An organization can use the Multiverse as well to reverse engineer the existing experiences within the eight worlds, do a competitive and market analysis and understand where differentations and opportunities are.

Social TV

Mr. Pine elaborated that social media are great means when it comes to providing people a platform where they can belong to a certain community. He argued that just being part of something is part of human nature. 

Social TV are dynamic communities around content, coming and going and creating a contextually enhanced experience.

Multiscreen experiences

Going back to the title of the article, creating a cohesive experience with the massive amount of means is the challenge.This counts even more for the TV industry and increasing multiscreen experiences. Think of the tablet, mobile, desktop and TV screen, think of the distinct differences in usage/opportunities in relation to content and context.

This is where the Multiverse brings sense and overview. By understanding the eight worlds in relation to TV experiences, one creates understanding amidst all these posibilities.

At this point Social TV and multiscreen experiences are fairly new. When diffusion hits the markets, broadcasters and content creators need to develop unique and engaging experiences to connect and keep connecting with its audiences. 

Experiences and co-creation

Upon the question how experiences can be ‘controlled’ in a co-creation business strategy Pine argued that experiences are always co-created, happening in the minds of the customers. In the current business environment though there’s a shift happening from stageing experiences to setting the stage for experiences. This essentially is the platform business, the Open Business. The TV industry also exists of many commoditized services, it's not and will not be only about the content, but also how organizations within are involving viewers in the content creation and consumption. These are two enablers that set the stage for experiences, to involve viewers in the process, in the community.

What do you think opportunities are to create compelling and unique experiences within TV?



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