Superbowl XLVI 2012 - Social TV Wrapup

written by: Richard Kastelein

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Many Social TV players hyped their Super Bowl apps and tie-ins, but Shazam and Getglue seems to have grabbed most of the market share. About half of the Super Bowl advertisers gave Shazam bonus content such as videos and sweepstakes to reward those who tagged the ads from Shazam's app. Interscope and Bud Light also sent out bonus halftime-show content, and game stats and social features ran  throughout the game.

From Reuters:

Shazam announced Thursday that the entire Super Bowl, the halftime show and almost half of the advertisements during the game can be tagged using its app, making this the first “Shazamable Super Bowl.’

If any of the more than 100 million people who'll tune into the game use the app to tag a play or an ad, they can access live statistics, unlock new immersive advertising experiences or qualify for sweepstakes. Its advertising partners will include heavyweights Pepsi, Disney and Anheuser-Busch.

Shazam, which boasts a user base of more than 175 million people worldwide, has chosen the year’s biggest TV event as a launching point for its growing “Shazam for TV” business. The message to networks and advertisers everywhere is clear: Shazam makes TV better.

And Alex Iskold, CEO of Getglue, noted yesterday.

Over 100,000 check-ins to Super Bowl on @GetGlue - all before 1/2 time. That is insane.

Forbes also noted that Yahoo's Intonow and Viggle both had some presence as well:

One of Shazam's most natural competitors, IntoNow by Yahoo, is not going to be shut out of the big-win category.

"Yahoo! expects the Super Bowl to be the biggest event ever for IntoNow's second-screen experience," said a spokesperson, "which includes integrated Twitter, commenting, related news, and StatTracker for easy viewing of team/player stats during the game."

IntoNow was also embedded in last night's NFL Honors broadcast on NBC, giving fans behind-the-scenes access. But the big coup for Yahoo is also an ad integration.

"When the Pepsi MAX ad airs during the game," the spokesperson said. "IntoNow will synchronize with your TV, unlocking your entry into the Pepsi MAX for Life sweepstakes."

Viggle also made a less conspicuous play:

Here’s the plan: Once you’ve connected the iOS app (Android is coming soon) to your cable, satellite or over-air provider, then watching anything, anytime, will gain you chances for Viggle points. Checking-in with advertisers gains you more. As the points accumulate, you head to the featured awards section, which reminded me of the arcade toy case — if the arcade toy case would have ever been awesome. Forget plush toys, Viggle has lined up rewards from Gap, Apple, Amazon, CVS, Papa Johns, Fandango. It goes on.

The value-added content in Viggle is simple but smart — a discovery guide and links to social networks, but also to Wikipedia, iTunes, Amazon and Bing. Stephenson doesn’t see Viggle competing in the current social television space.

“We just launched a new space,” Stephenson says. “We fully expect to see competitors entering this space in the soon. But the important thing is, our vision is to become the definitive global loyalty program for entertainment.”

He said the company is open to partnerships.

If you have not read it - take the time to ingest this great piece at - Social TV And The Super Bowl: When Will Marketers Start Really Spending?

With big brands coughing up, on average, $3.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial this weekend, Iskold said they’re “not yet eager to spend TV-like dollars on the social media.” “We’re looking to digital for a more meaningful way to engage with the consumer one on one,” Pepsi Max brand team executive Sam Duboff told us.

Iskold added: “Everyone agrees this is valuable. We’re just trying to figure out how much value it has.”

For operators like Iskold, the value the Super Bowl represents is more about user-base building. He said his company is expecting have its highest usage ever this weekend, with more than 50,000 GetGlue users. In last year’s Super Bowl, GetGlue couldn’t handle its traffic volume; this year, the company has doubled its number of servers.

And great news - data from RapidTVNews this morning to boot!

It wasn’t just Eli Manning and his New York Giants enjoying a successful Super Bowl XLVI: data from InMobi revealed a surge in consumer interaction with mobile during the landmark sporting event.

According to the Mobile Consumption Survey by the largest independent mobile ad network, consumers significantly used their mobile devices during the biggest advertising event of the year, with more almost twice as many respondents using their mobile devices during the first half of the game compared to the second half, what it called a powerful take-away for advertisers and media planners.

In detail, nearly 40% of respondents used mobile devices in response to TV ads—such as discussing commercials, getting more information about an advertised product, or watching TV ads again—and 45% estimated that they would spend 30 minutes or more on their mobile devices during the game.

Cory Bergman over at Lost Remote also has an excellent report from Stateside view:

The Giant’s fourth-quarter victory help the Super Bowl become the biggest social TV event in history so far. Bluefin Labs says it counted 9.3 million social media comments, surpassing the previous all-time record high of 3 million held by the MTV VMAs. Trendrr said this year’s Super Bowl had approximately 5X the social activity over last year. The data is still coming in, and here’s our early crack at the biggest social media moments of the Super Bowl…

Most-talked-about moment: There wasn’t a jaw-dropper this year, but the game came down to the final moments, generating an average of 10,000 tweets per second (peaking at 12,233) in the final three minutes of the game, Twitter says. That surpasses Madonna’s halftime show, which drove 8,000 tweets per second (peaking at 10,245) over a five-minute period. Those are both English-language records for Twitter, falling behind the all-time record of 25,088 tweets per second in Japan.

And more from on why Social TV suffered:

The problem was in the experiences.  I tweeted a couple of times during the game, by using the Twitter app, which was native and easy to do.  The thought of launching another app, just to get something that would enable be to tweet never even crossed my mind.  In reality, most of these apps actually got in the way of the experience.  And yes, while there was tons of tweeting and updates occurring, I’d lay down a strong bet most of this was about people posting, not reading what others were posting.

I also found the Super Bowl ads highlighted two major flaws in the ad experience.  Shazam got a lot of pre-game buzz for all their ad partners.  Sounds cool in theory, but the experience is just plain lousy.  First, the commerical starts airing.  Then, at some point in the middle of the ad a little Shazam logo appears somewhere on the screen (I only noticed it a handful of times personally).  At this moment, the viewer must grab their phone, turn it on, unlock it, switch to the Shazam app, and then – and this is important – get everyone in the room to be quiet for 7-10 seconds.  Great in theory, but this is not a good experience for any user.

However, the Social Times said it was the biggest Social TV event in history:

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night?  If so, did you Tweet or Facebook about it?  If you did, you helped make history.  According to Bluefin Labs, last night’s game was the biggest social TV event ever recorded.  It didn’t only beat last year’s MTV Video Music Awards’ record of 3.1 million social media comments, it crushed the record with a whopping 12.2 million social media comments.

Bluefin breaks down the social media activity surrounding the event into three different infographics about the game itself, the commercials, and the Halftime Show.  Check ‘em all out...




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