Summary of the Convergent Media Platforms workshop #da12converge at the Europe’s Digital Agenda Assembly

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The Digital Agenda for Europe is the European Union’s roadmap for bringing the benefits of a digital society and economy to Europe’s citizens. But it can only deliver if all stakeholders are involved in assessing problems and identifying solutions.

I was invited to participate in the Assembly on the 21st and 22nd of June in Brussels. The two-day event comprised speeches, panel debates and a number of workshop events where participants have a chance to actively help shape the Europe’s digital policies. The first day I attended the Convergent Media Platforms workshop.

Description of the focus as mentioned on the forum:

"Following last year's workshop on "ICT and the management of creative content", the workshop constituted a further development in the exchanges bringing the focus more on the convergence angle but maintaining the strong emphasis on the consumer which emerged during last year's discussions.

Convergence of devices is increasingly becoming reality with connected TV models and cloud computing. As a result, content is increasingly a strategic asset for telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, online service providers and social media which compete to provide new application services and innovative business models to respond to new consumption patterns.

Consumers are increasingly able and willing to access content which could be anything anywhere across multiple devices (internet-enabled TV sets, PCs, smartphones and tablets)."

My finding of the workshop with regard to the strong emphasis on the consumer is that it was fairly absent. Focus was definately technological innovation, but less on value innovation for consumers. There is a subset of Generation C that adopts multiscreen organically, but as we're in a kind of interim phase, the other target groups need to be approached in a conventional business manner.

Find below a "Storify'd" summary of the workshop, additional own thoughts are given in the second part:

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