Apple TV will offer TV episodes for 99 cents

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AppleApple remains in the spotlights with the current rumor where Apple is said to offer streaming rental eposides at a 99 cents price.

Right now, people have to buy (and download) episodes at a price of $1,99 (standard-definition) and $2,99 for a high-definition version.
As suggested on Mashable, a stream-on-demand strategy would be in line with the announcement of the iOS-based Apple TV which runs also on the iPod, iPad and iPhone.

Offering the advantages of the Cloud to their users, follows an industry trend, plus the flexibility of their wide device portfolio which all could support this type of content. Lowering the barriers in terms of price and easy access to the content, Apple might just go beyong the "Hobby" status of Apple TV and move to the status of serious competition.

Earlier the set-top box (STB) was announced to a price as low as $99. Indications for a market penetration attempt?

This try for penetration is backed by two aspects, one is the benefit of Apple TV is the offering of content which is not available through Hulu or Netflix or any other subscription service.
Secondly, the iOS-based Apple TV could theoretically serve apps by services like Hulu and Netflix.

STB's by Roku and Google won't diminish the competition and share-hunting within this new market, maybe it's a survival mechanism to be able to sustain the niche they already control, what do you think?

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