Findings Identify $10 Billion in New Revenue Opportunities for Media Companies

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CapGeminiThat is the conclusion which is made by CapGemini in their research The Digital Entertainment Revolution in collaboration with In-Stat.

"However, to be successful in obtaining such revenues, three things need to be done: (1) select strategies that map today’s assets into an electronic future, (2) begin work on an automated media exchange, and (3) create a “cash engine”."

Much in this research is from a technical and device point of perspective. Refreshing is the consumer behavior part raised in the research.


In a recent survey, three key audience segments: power users, social users and passive users were identified.

Power users regularly consume professional video content from both online and Pay-TV sources. They are also emerging as a driving force for mobile entertainment services. Power users want to “stream” content from the Internet immediately or use Video-on-Demand from their Pay-TV service, and they will not wait for content to be downloaded.

Social users tend to follow the lead of the power users but with a two to three year lag time.


Consumer ResearchThe research then elaborates on the passive users:

In-Stat’s continuing consumer research has un-earthed an important fact: not all consumers are going to be on board with the changing technologies. Passive users are likely to be happy with things the way they are now. This means that content owners and content distributors will still need to provide all of the traditional customer touch points while figuring out which new approaches work.

This sort of consumer data is important to be able to develop (and innovate) on business models in each of the market segments. Between Power users and Social users, the researches conclude that: the "Social Users Are the “Sweet Spot” for Entertainment Initiatives" The last I want to share with you is the Digital Content Services (DCS) framework used by CapGemini, that enables digital entertainment transformation and creates competitive advantage.

Digital Content Services - CapGemini (Five areas that need to be addressed are: Customer Experience Management, Digital Insights, IP Management, Digital Monetization, Digital Media Management)

What do you think of this framework and of the individual components? Do they amplify revenue in an integral way?

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